Fitness in Action

One Step at a Time


I have a passion for health and fitness.  My objective as a Personal Trainer is to inspire and empower people to reach their fitness goals and remain active as they move through all stages of life and aging.

As a child I loved physical activity.  My idea of fun was playing outside until it was dark and participating in team sports.  As an adult I still love being active because it simply brings me joy.  I also discovered that physical activity helps me feel good in my body and emotionally grounded.

Now that I am well into my 50’s, I find it much more important to express the part of me that wants to be healthy and fit.  Coming from a family without much in the way of longevity, I have made it my goal to do everything within my means to be healthy.   My personal vision is to be healthy, strong and fit as I move through middle age.  When I see an active, healthy older person I think, “that’s how I want to be when I’m that age.”

After working in Public Service for 30 years, I gave a lot of thought to what my next career would be.    Fitness is just the right fit.  I love everything about fitness and find it extremely satisfying to inspire and empower others to “get moving” at whatever level they find themselves.

My role is to design an individualized, progressive fitness program for you as I motivate you and hold you accountable to take action to be healthy and fit.

All ages welcome, with a special invitation to Boomers and Seniors.


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